What's Yet To Come?

TD360 is Creating & aggregating All Current and Future Technologies, for the continued development of the most unique and organized access to products, services, entertainment, travel, hotels, restaurants and virtually everything a local community has to offer.
We are adapting a
semantic application

 ... where all things community are ubiquitous (available from everywhere at anytime). We are also bringing in blockchain technology, for peer-to-peer digital storage and accessibility, introducing decentralized payment wallets and processing, utilizing cryptocurrency as an added alternative choice for all types of payment of online for purchases and more.

A human-centered intelligent internet where web Interaction
...comes from inside the web and out to the consumer via AI driven knowledge of previous customer interaction. It is what has been described as a more relevant need focused platform for connecting local services and product to the local user in order to stave off big box domination in the local market places.
A system where the product is searching
for the end user.
Intellectual activity (such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering) Technology that knows what your customers want and automatically directs your products & services to them via any device they are using, where ever they are located.

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