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When Your Business Becomes A Part of This Amazing, One Of A Kind Marketing Platform, you are immediately empowered by the most innovative collection of Turnkey TraDigital Business development Services ever assembled.


WE Are Introducing A Revolutionary and Most Intelligent Online Market place Platform For All Things Community.


Offering A Single Place Online Location for Local Businesses to Display & Promote Products & Services Online & Offline In The Local Communities!

Our Powerful Omnipresent On & offline Market

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Join Us Now... and connect your business to the most intelligent Next Generation Local Marketplace platform...

The most powerful online & offline marketing, shopping and all things community platform ever assembled,

All Things


We Have Something & Everything For All
Of Your Marketing Needs!

We Invite All Local Brick & Mortar Business Owners,Home Based Business owners & New Entrepreneurs Just Starting or looking to Start a New Business,  To Explore Our Amazing Multi Channel, Marketing Platform Where Your Business can Become A Part Of The Most Powerful Unified Local Business Community!

Our Strength Is In Your Numbers...
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and Help Build a Stronger Tomorrow... In Your Community! 
It Is So Important For local Businesses To Unite & Maintain  An Active Online Presence?
We have now Made Possible For The Small Businesses In America To Step It Up, Unite and make a difference!
If The Local Small Businesses Are Going To Excel In Today's Economy They Need To Be Actively Engaged In Both Online & Offline Strategies. They Need To Start Doing What The Big Box Stores Are Doing. (Tapping the mass market of prospective New customers) Which Is Exactly What Can Be gained from Our New Platform...
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Expert Research Shows That:
Online Retail Has Grown 300 Percent Between 2000 and 2018
​...according to the U.S. Commerce Department. During the same time period, department store sales have dropped almost 50 percent. It's time for the local businesses to offer a convenient online alternative to their customers to survive the digital market place demands.
It is projected that online sales growth will continue at a rate of 25% per year!
In 2018, 53% of all US retail sales were digitally impacted.
Digitally impacted sales are online retail sales and offline sales that are researched online and then purchased offline at a local retailer.
 Forrester Data: Digital-Influenced Retail Sales Forecast, 2017 To 2022 (US). "
It's Time To Make the leap... & We Have Made It Easy And Affordable... Join Us Today!
Here Are Twelve (12) Big Reasons Why You should Bring Your Business On board To ...  













the most powerful online & offline and all things community platform ever assembled. We offer the local community consumers and businesses the ability to come together in one place for the over all convenience of the business and consumers to search and find locally!

the most affordable and convenient   alternative... you can offer to your existing customers as a means of insuring a loyal customer base.

the only Single place Platform ...

your Business will need to be found in order for your local consumers, new & existing, to search, find  and purchase your products and services, along with all other things community!

a fully automated, turnkey, digital

platform that provides every business owner the option of being in charge of managing every aspect of online marketing or contract with us to manage it for you.

Our SuperStore Platform provides your own e-commerce store. 

you can list your own products and create your own coupon offers. You can place your own banner ads, create and post your own videos, and so much more! Or again, you can contract with us to do it all for you. Or some of it! Its your market place, your choice. 

We Bring thousands of other businesses Together in your community.

you will instantly become a part of the biggest online and offline unified network of businesses and consumers, products and services, entertainment and all other resources ever compiled in one platform.That means thousands of visitors coming to the platform for hundreds of reasons. Kind of like putting your business on a busy main street. 

All Participating Business will be listed... 

in one of the most relevant Local community business directories

to be key word searched and easily located. You have the option of listing in a priority position so your business can be viewed as a top priority in your category.

You can post up your business videos, product pictures,list property for sale, post jobs,

write and post articles, list classified ads, all to be easily viewed by your local market visitors, reaching the thousands of consumers using the site everyday, as they visit thousands of other participating businesses listed in our directory.

Your business will have a presence in our platform...

that will be the recipient of tens of thousands of local consumers from the leads (Tradigicom360) will be generating via the most aggressive advertising and marketing campaign running everyday of the week and every hour of the day. 

We partner with other local websites to establish a presence

to thousands of their local visitors viewing a variety of other services in the community.


We provide a huge social market presence 

in the social media networks, blogs, podcasts, video reviews, as well as radio and TV ads and interviews where we will be promoting the Golocalez platform showcasing all of our participating merchants.

We promote Your Business products/services 

to millions of impressions and visitors views every single day

Do It Today! Your Customers Are Waiting To Shop At Your local
Store @...
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No More Excuses...We've Made It affordable and Simple to provide your current and prospective Customers the Convenience they desire to shop and purchase your goods and services online. We provide a variety of touch points online for multi-channel access to your goods and services.
Or, Click Here... to make contact with the Community Marketing Specialists
Move Over Amazon, The Local Businesses Are All That"s Needed In Our Online Communities at...
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Your Next Generation Marketing Platform Is Here Now!


Become A Community  Licenssee

We Are Seeking Top Professional

Business Managers Who Have A True Desire to Earn Upwards Of $150,000/yr

Now you can own the rights to a community in Golocalez!

One of The Most Lucrative Business Opportunities In America. Intellectual properties is as good an investment as land or developed properties. Now is the time to secure your place in our revolutionary Internet nation of communities. Where the American Dream

Becomes a Reality


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