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It's Time To Bring Unity To The Local Market Place. 
It's Time To Have  A Single Place Where The Local  Consumers Can Safely Go To Shop Local!  
It's Time For A Single Platform Where Every City, Every Business & All Consumers Can Safely Come Together For All Things Community! 
GL2020 COMMUNITY Alliance & 



Introducing The New Normal  for...
  • 323 Utah Cities
  • 210,000 Utah Small Businesses
  • More Than 3 Million Utah Citizens
To Come Together In One Place Online In Support Of Keeping Our Local Economies Open!
As We All Know,
the current state of the local Businesses And Economies SUCK!
All as a result of the ongoing Coved19 Pandemic. It has left many businesses and local consumers in a very precarious position for maintaining business as usual.
The pandemic has been the cause of business shut downs and consumer confinements to their homes making it very difficult if not impossible for the much needed ability for any type of normal
commerce to take place for many months.
And, Just as everyone thought we were going to get back to some similitude of normalcy, another spike in the infected with Corona Virus is threatening again to shut down the already devastated local economies once again. And we are not seeing any real hope of the pandemic going away for another few months or longer. 

So, How Do We Really Break Out Of This Circle Of Economic Doom!

How Do We Get Our Businesses, Consumers and

Local Economies Back Into A Possitive Long Term 

Growth Patern?

By Participating In The Revolutionary New Local Community Alliance & 90 Day Extravaganza To Drive  Local Commerce! 
Is About To Change Up and Empower  All
Things Community Like Nothing
Ever Before!
It's a Revolution That Brings...
  • Every City
  • Every Business
  • & Every Consumer
  • Along With Every Product & Service
Together In One Powerfully United ...
Community Alliance.
It's The Most Innovative
Online & Offline Community Alliance For...
"All Things Community"
It's The Most Uniquely Organized  
online Platform for Showcasing The Local Businesses as Well As
The greatest variety of local products, services, travel, entertainment, hotels, restaurants and virtually "All Other Things Community"  
It's The Most Powerful Alliance allowing The Ease and Convenience of Finding all Local Businesses In One Place, Online Via all Devices... as is Offered by the Big Box Retailers. 
So Click Here Now... & Learn More About The... 
"GL2020 Local Community Alliance"

It's The Most Powerful...Local Small Business & Community Alliance ...  Especially Built To Showcase Your Local Business to the Local Consumer Market Place. As members of our alliance you will have a revolutionary package of marketing tools and resources that will reach out to your entire community consumer base, providing the ease and Convenience for f inding all Local products and services In One Place,  Online Via all Devices... as is Offered by the Big Box Retailers. 

It's Truly All About...

Customers, Customers, Customers and More customers.
It's Truly The Next Generation Platform Empowering
Full Scale Digital Marketing For
"All Things Community" 
Get More Details of Our Powerful...
"Local GL2020 Local
Community  Alliance"

It's the most competition fierce,

local marketplace where positioning is no longer a strategy, It's a must. TD360 has visited 100's of small businesses and found that In order to compete effectively Small business need to come together in a one marketplace environment so the local consumers can have a similar shopping experience they are currently offered through the big box retailers. 

We will Begin By... 
Showcasing your Business
To Your Local Consumers!
As a member of our Local Small Business Alliance (LSBA) you will have access to a powerful selection of pre-packaged marketing tools and services!
Get Your Startup Business Showcased & Displayed To Thousands Of Local Consumers At 
Home, Work Or Play ...
right out the gate
24-7 everyday!
 Local Lead
Platform Ever! 
It's the Most effective...
Getting Started...With The Local Small Business
& Community Alliance Today! 
Once You Are Registered...
Its all At Your Fingertips...
​Video Production and display - a 60 Sec. to 2 min. video 
Business Directory Listing in our comprehensive local community business directory,
Social Media Post all of your coupons and ads on our social media pages, including Instagram, Twitter, face Book Pintrest and You Tube.
e-commerce store fronGet your own e-commerce Store connected to The Golocalez platform to list and sell your products and services on your store and ours!
Banner Ads & coupons or introductory offers - displayed to the thousands of potential local customers through our weekly e-mail and monthly direct mail campaigns.
Direct Mail & Print Media 20,000 homes per campaign
Multi-Channel Promotions- Radio, TV, Text Messaging, E-mail Marketing, Mobile Ads, etc.
...and so much more!
In addition, we advertise and promote the Golocalez
platform 24-7...
...So, you Can get the full benefit of our powerful Multi- channel, Multi-Media exposure.
all day every day!
              Media Such as:
  • local radio and television networks
  • social media platforms
  • direct mail Print campaigns
  • e-mail marketing & Text messaging campaigns.
Exposing everything we provide to thousands of
consumers in every community in Utah... everyday
We will bring the precise customer experience for the exact product or services your business has to offer.
Here's More About...
Why Your startup Business Should Join our revolutionary Small Business &
Community Alliance!
Watch Our Video...
Here are a Few More Reasons
Why You Should Join...
  • It Is the most aggressive, innovative and revolutionary means of uniting the local business environment.
  • Comprehensive Education and learning  System for small business owners in an environment of active participation in all things that we teach!
  • Single Digital Marketing Platform for local business owners, new start up businesses, home based business owners and all other entrepreneurial individuals
  • Cater specifically to the Locally Owned Businesses  that represent the strongest local presence in the offline market place. 
  • Participate in a cooperative environment of collaboration as the Small locally owned businesses come together to become the biggest business in town.
  • Get trained and educated in the powerful and efficient TraDigital marketing technologies only found and applied in our one place platform.
  • Join Our Innovative United communities of locally owned Businesses Today!
  • Click Here To see our special Launch packages!
Our Powerful Marketing Solutions Are Developed Through  Intelligence Driven & Managed Technologies... All provided In
The Packages found Here!!
Click Here To See our Super Value Pre-Launch Multi- Community Packages Now!

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