invites all to join in and help us help your community...


Their Businesses &


How Can Everyone In The Community Take Part?
 Now, at the most needful time in history, it's time to pull together as a community to bring "All Things Community" & All Small Businesses Together in a way that has never been done before.
Never Before In History Has The Country's Businesses and Economy Ever Been Shut Down. Now It's Going To Take Another Historic Event To Bring It All Back. We can All Be A Part Of That Event !
...All Small Business In Each Community...
$1500 Value
Marketing Package 
To Run Through the rest of the year 2020!
Yes, You Heard Right...
$1500 Value In Ads And Promotions  to each Small  Business Showcased throughout our Platform @ www. golocalez.com thru the end of this year 2020...
...And it's All FREE!
It's a time for the entire community...
to virtually come together in an unprecedented  way to help save and empower the small businesses and "All Other aspects of our  Communities" to Build and Maintain a
Strong Local Economy in Each  Community!. 
Our Powerful REBOOT Campaigns...  
Will Include A Variety of  Services and Resources...For All Local Businesses...
...consisting of a variety of powerful community based marketing tools to each locally owned business  participating in our innovative " Great American Business And Community Alliance".
See Specific Details
Of Our
Package By
Clicking  Here!
And did I Mention its...
It's All Happening... 
In Our Most Amazing & Innovative Community Based Marketplace and
E-commerce Online/Offline Community Marketing Platform...
We Are Inviting All Parties... 
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • Citizens
  • Businesses
  • Chambers Of Commerce
  • Local Clubs & Organizations
  • Entrepreneur Networks
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Non-Profits
  • and More
In Each Community...To Take Part In Helping To Bring Back the Local Economy By Taking An Active Role In Supporting the Locally Owned  Business...
Both Online and Offline!
We Currently Have...
...Over 40 Utah Communities Queued Up, Targeting Over 200 Other Communities,  200,000 Businesses & 3 Million
Utah Residence.
 Our Showcase of  Thousands of Local Businesses...
Begins Sept.1st 2020!
Starting Sept 15th, 2020...
We Will Be Launching An Enhanced State Wide Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign That will Include ...
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Text Messaging
  • Word Of mouth
  • online events
  • Contests & Drawings
  • Community activities
  • and more...
...In Many Communities Across the State of Utah!
Our objective Is Two Fold...
#1 Is to provide an online platform that allows ease of access to "All Things Community" in one place for everyone to easily find, visit, shop and purchase "All Things Community"!
#2. To Do Our Part In Helping To... 
The Small Businesses & Economy Of
Each Community In Utah!
#3. T0 Encourage... 
All Local Businesses, Consumers and Community Leaders to Take Join Together In Rebuilding The Economy In Their Community.
Together we can really make a difference in bringing your community and local businesses back to a Healthy Economy!
So, Pick Your Alliance...
You are invited to Join The Alliance   In Your Community Today! (Its FREE)
Then Actively Support, List, Shop, Visit, Write Reviews and Share... Everything Local On Social Media Platforms Thru the remainder of 2020... and then beyond to keep it going!
It's The Local Community Economy and Small Business...
Our Challenge Is To The...
Citizens, Businesses, Cities, Chambers, Counties, And Other Organizations Of Every Community In Utah...
...To Take An Active Part In  Rebuilding The Community and Business Economies Both
On and Offline! 
Get Start Here...
By Inviting...all Of Your Social Media Friends To Post & Share all Of Our Favorite...
  1. Local Businesses
  2. Products & Services
  3. Events
  4. Fitness Centers
  5. Fine Dinning Restaurants
  6. Fast Foods
  7. Bar & Grills
  8. Pizza Places
  9. And all Other Things Community!
Get Great Rewards
For All Who Participate! Everyone Wins With
Great Deals & Special Offers For Registered Participants!
We encourage all local consumers...
...to start shopping at your local businesses
Offline & Online @...
Please visit all aspect of your online community as Often as Possible.
 Let's show our support...
for your entire local community as we all help Re-Build Our Local Economies!
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     And Now:
The Local Business's Part! 
Because We Are Giving The Small Businesses A...
 $1500 FREE Marketing Package 
We Ask & Encourage All...
Local Businesses, Events Centers, Movie Theaters, Spa's & Fitness Facilities and Others... 
To Provide Special Promotions Value Driven  Discounts and Other Incentives  @ ...
To Encourage & Reward
Their local Consumers To
Shop Local!
Join In The Challenge Today & Help ...
The Local Economy And Small Businesses