Uniting The Local Small Business Owners, Consumers, Chambers of Commerce, Local City Leaders, Non Profit, & All Other Local
Organizations !

Who Is The Alliance For...

The Communities

(The Cities)

The Local Businesses

The Local Shoppers

Yellow Cabs
Each entity in the communities have an important and defined role to play in the Alliance. Click on each one of the pictures or titles to learn about and join in your place in the Alliance!
Join Us Today!
You Are All Invited
To Join The
Why An Alliance?
It's the perfect time for the entire community to virtually come together in an unprecedented  way to help save and empower the small businesses and "All Other aspects of our  Communities" to Build and Maintain a Strong Economy!. 

The Alliance Is How we can all get involved By Pulling Together To make a difference?

The Strength Of a Community Is

Found In It's Numbers!

So, Here Is  What Is Included For The Members Of the...
For The Small Businesses...
#1.The First Thing You Get As A Small Business Alliance Member Is Access  to Our ... 
All Things Community Platform @...


In Our Most Amazing & Innovative Community Based Marketing, Shopping, Exploring, Posting, Searching,Sharing & Buying From One Single Local Place!
The Great American Community & Business
#2.The Second Thing As An Alliance Member Is...
A Premium Listing In Our...
Business Directory Platform...
Which Includes:
 The Most Amazing &
Community Based
Directory Services. 
Premium Listing
Featured Products
Featured Businesses
#3.The Third Thing As An Alliance Member Your Own E-commerce Store @... 
E-Commerce OneSuperStore 
"All Things Community" SuperStore @ ..
The Most Amazing &
Comprehensive All
Local Businesses Products & Services in One Place!
#4.The Forth Thing  Is Access  to Our Powerful Bundled Turnkey ... 
Globalocal Marketing Services 
Targeted Community To State Wide Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns That will Include Radio, TV, Social Media, Email Marketing and
Direct Mail just to Mention A Few...
...As we Launch In Each Community and More!
#5.The Fifth Is The Powerful & Targeted Community Presence As We...
Showcase Your Business...
... To Thousands of Local Businesses To Their Local Consumer Marketplace.
Member Businesses Will Be Showcased At...
  • Local Business Directories
  • Many Social Media Networks 
  • Direct mailing Campaigns
  • Weekly E-mail Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Etc.
As well as being displayed
on Multiple Websites!
Our Objective Is To Provide...
...the most innovative online platform
... where  everything Community comes together in one place for everyone to easily find, visit, shop and Purchase ...
"All Things Community!

Our Marketing Strategy!

We Are Currently Targeting ...

... More Than 40 Utah Communities Queued Up, With Scaled Plans of Over 200 Other Communities,  200,000 Businesses,
As Well As... 
...3 Million Utah Residence.
#2.The Local Consumers Part...
Here is how you can really help bring your community and local businesses back to a Health Economy!
We are inviting everyone...
... in the Local communities to reach out and help each other rebuild and support the small businesses in the greatest... 
...Unification and
Challenge In History!
Now the local consumers can play a very 
active part in helping us
build your online community
by inviting, sharing & posting
their favorite...
  • Local Businesses 
  • Products and service
  • Events & Entertainment
  • Community Pictures 
  • Videos, Podcasts & Blogs
  • Parks, hiking and biking trails
  •  Lakes and streams
  • Animals, Pets and people, etc.
All posted on their favorite social media...  @ www.golocalez.com.
In Addition...
we encourage all local consumers to... 
Start Shopping 
Local...More Frequently
...at your businesses Offline & Online at...
When Your Business Joins Our Powerful Alliance
You Become An Instant Recipient of The Local Business & Economy 
Challenge !
The Globalocal Community Boost...
To Help Kick Things Off...
We are Giving a $1500...
 Community Marketing Campaign
To Each of The Small Business
In Each Community That
Join The Great American
Business & Community Alliance!
And, It's all Absolutely
Thru 2020 
Yes, You Heard Right...
$1500 In Ads And Promotions
To Showcase Each Small Business
in Their Community
We Will Be Showcasing Each Locally Owned Business To All Local consumers
Via Golocalez.com Our Innovative
" All Things Community" Marketing Platform.
Our Campaigns will Include Exposure
On Multiple Marketing Channels Through Out
The Term That Starts Now and Runs
Until September 1st, 2020!
     And Then There Is :
The Local Business's Part! 
WE Call It...
Because We Are Giving Your Small Businesses FREE Marketing
Advertising and Showcasing 
We Challenge Each Of You To Pass
The Savings On To Your Consumers...
...And Offer Your Products & Services
@ Special Pricing, Discounts,
FREE give-a-ways, and More.
We Invite All Local Small Businesses to join the most innovative and powerful Business & Community Alliance" 
It's A Revolution That's Changing Everything!
Our Business & Community  Alliance ...  Is Especially Built To unify the local community businesses, Citizens and Community Leaders.
It is designed to bring all local businesses in a community market place together to create a unified platform of competitive Power in numbers, presence and accessibility!
It is developed to bring all local products and services together in one place to be more easilty searched, shopped and purchased on line by the local consumers.
Starts Here!
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